"Jefferson has raised the flag for a new generation of entrepreneurs, empowered to amplify their interests and passions with businesses that support amazing lifestyles. In addition to realizing this dream himself, Jefferson has succeeded in training hundreds of thousands of others to do the same. Let him be your guide on this amazing journey!"

− Jesse Krieger, best selling author of Lifestyle Entrepreneur

"I have always had a grand vision of what I wanted my life to look like. When I met Jefferson, I knew God had blessed me with a mentor and friend who could give my vision color and provide guidance on making that vision a reality. Very rarely in life do we have the opportunity to meet genuine people who inspire others; who give without expecting anything in return. Jefferson is that person."

− Clement Boyd

"I worked hard becoming a top realtor who earns lots of money. However, life is more than just earning money. It’s about designing and creating a happy and fulfilling life. Jefferson has truly increased my life through his friendship and mentorship. He’s dramatically increased my appetite to become a better father, husband, son, friend, and servant leader through his ‘lead by example’ approach."

− Joe T.

"From the time I met Jefferson more than three years ago, I’ve been incredibly impressed with how he carries himself. Jefferson not only Designed a Higher Life for himself, but he’s also helped others create the same success in their own lives.
Although I was already successful within my industry, I wanted to step up my game in other areas. Jefferson helped me overcome my own ignorance and see the power of personal development. I know a Higher Life is now possible.
Jefferson is an authentic student who pours his knowledge into others—like me. For that, I’m forever grateful.

− Toby L.

"When I met Jefferson, I had hit a plateau in my professional career. Although I had quite a bit of success in the past, I realized there were some things still holding me back. After working with him, I was able to identify what was holding me back from my past and change this way of thinking. I also broke through new barriers by learning strategies for clear goal setting. Today you’ll find me consistently creating my Higher Life Design."

− April C.

"Jefferson is a true leader who has a passion to see people win. As an entrepreneur, I’ve had several setbacks and found myself stuck in the past. Jefferson helped me understand not to compare myself to others. Through his own life, he demonstrates it’s not where you start but rather where you finish. Thanks, Jefferson, for helping me throw out the past and focus on a bigger, more amazing future. I’m keeping my eyes on the prize and Designing a Higher Life."

− Max K.

"For the past five years, Jefferson’s leadership and positive attitude have helped me Design a Higher Life. His story, his vision, and his first class attitude have been a beacon of inspiration for myself and thousands of others."

− George A.

"Although I’ve always felt God placed something bigger inside of me, I gave up on my dreams. I became comfortable and accepted “the cards” I’d been dealt.
Jefferson Santos gave me hope by believing in me more than I believed in myself. Because of his mentorship, I’ve changed my future and my family’s future.
Changing your mindset is critical to obtaining your dreams. I’m now convinced God has a Higher Life Design for everyone—including me."

− Shannon G.

"I can’t tell you how freeing it feels to live every day without worrying about money. It’s like a big iron rod has been lifted off my shoulders.
I’m so glad Jefferson didn’t give up on his dreams. He’s taught me that to win at a very high level, I have to be willing to go through an incredible journey!"

− Srinivas B.

"I’ve always had big dreams and set big goals of what I wanted to accomplish in life. My problem was that I never had the right tracks to run on to accomplish those goals and dreams.
Jefferson showed me a system that has allowed me to accomplish my life purpose. Best of all, I feel truly fulfilled knowing I now have the freedom of choice."

− Ivan L.

"Five years ago, I had stale dreams. I felt as though the next big chapter in my life was moving up to management and running a bunch of other employees. Before I met Jefferson, I was on the same treadmill as everyone I knew, running a race that led me nowhere. Three years after taking on a different mindset, I received three big promotions at work. I began to believe in myself and see myself as a champion. I now look at the “mountains” in front of me as a way to grow stronger. I recently decided I was better at creating my family’s future and I left the corporate world. Now I get to be a dad, a real husband, and the man God made me to be."

− Jared G.

"Four years ago, Jefferson Santos mentored my wife regarding our new business venture. He encouraged us to attend an upcoming personal development seminar. In my mind I ruled it out because of the cost measured in dollars and hours. I had a broke mindset at the time and Jefferson asked me, “Do you want the lifestyle I have?” Then he challenged me, “If the answer is ‘Yes,’ you need to do what I have done and attend.” Thank the Lord he was willing to stretch our limiting beliefs. We did attend that life-changing weekend. I look back on that seminar as a turning point in our lives and in our business. Just three short months later, my wife was able to leave her corporate job and now we are both pursing a lifestyle that we are passionate about. Although life always has its struggles, Jefferson taught us by example to always keep a first class mindset and realize that anything is possible. We can’t thank him enough for the impact he has had in our life. He’s a great role model, a true friend, and a wise mentor."

− Daniel R

"Growing up, I always had big dreams—traveling the world to exotic places, helping people with my acts of service, doing business internationally and learning a third language. As I finished school and started working, I realized I was on a slow track toward my dreams. I felt frustrated and was constantly searching for a better way to live the life I really wanted. After meeting Jefferson and following his guidance, I quickly realized that I, too, could lead a life of greatness and fulfill my dreams. With humility, he showed me how to recreate my story, regardless of my past. I struggled as a single mom working two jobs and having little time to spend with my son. Living paycheck to paycheck frustrated me. Jefferson taught me how to be a better mom by spending more quality time with my son, getting out of debt, and traveling the world with the purpose of helping others to succeed. I am forever grateful for leaders like Jefferson Santos, who has taught me how to Design a Higher Life"

− Irene H.

"“I’ll never forget my first coaching call with Jefferson! Apparently, I was so quiet that he kept asking if I was still there. Each time, I assured him I was just taking notes. I knew I needed to transcribe every word possible. His words captivated me. Jefferson taught me first class mindset as well as first class language skills. It changed EVERYTHING! People say to me all the time, You’re such a wordsmith. You always have just the right thing to say and know HOW to say it!” I still credit Jefferson for being the catalyst for change in my language skills. Because of Jefferson, my mindset changed, my language changed, and now my paycheck changed!”"

− Nate R.

"No one has impacted my life more positively than Jefferson Santos. Having been to numerous other seminars, I can honestly say there is no one else I wish to model more. Before following Jefferson’s success principles, I had a good job but I was working nearly 100 hours a week. No matter how many hours I worked, I couldn’t chip away at the hundreds of thousands of dollars of debt I incurred. Now, three years later, my net worth is $400,000, my marriage is incredible, and I’ve taken a vacation every month this year. Jefferson helped me open the door to a level of happiness I didn’t think was possible. As I continue to learn, I’m now teaching these principles to my children so our family can be more successful for generations."

− Will J.

"I’ve struggled with business and financial challenges, but I always wanted to travel the world and give my family a good quality life. I worked hard, but clearly I was going nowhere. When I met Jefferson, he was like a breath of fresh air. His energy and enthusiasm attracted me to what he was doing. Clearly he was going somewhere. He gave me the courage to chase after my dreams by doing what he taught. Since then, I have designed my ideal life through his Higher Life Design. Thank you, Jefferson!"

− Soojay D.